817 Broad St
Durham, NC 27705
United States


Phone: (919) 937-8335

Work With Children and Teens


I have a wide range of experience working with children and teens in multiple therapeutic settings. I offer therapeutic expertise in children struggling with anxiety, depression, social isolation, divorce, trauma, diagnostic clarification, gender questioning and gender variance, and school-based issues. I am currently focusing my practice with young children on gender identity, but continue to see teenagers presenting with a variety of diagnostic struggles.


With younger children, I specialize in a play-based approach that integrates behavioral modification techniques in a way that is both fun and empowering for children. With adolescents, I employ a model of relational empowerment that encourages personal responsibility as well as exploration of the issues around the transition to adulthood.  I often walk during sessions with teenagers to move out of the box of traditional, often intimidating, face-to-face therapy.  I specialize in working with children who are struggling with issues and stigmatization around gender variance, and LGBTQQIA identification.


I believe strongly in engaging parents in the treatment of their children, and focus on implementing at-home interventions and parent guidance as an adjunct tool to my individual work with children. I try to work creatively with children and their parents to find techniques that will work for the unique needs of each family, and create lasting change within the family system.


When working with teens, I strive to balance the need for a confidential therapeutic relationship with, while empowering parents to feel both a part of treatment and that therapy is translated to the system at home.

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