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Gender Identity Work

I welcome clients of all genders to my practice.  I respect that gender identiy is not always a central issue for gender non-conforming clients, but that it is helpful to have a therapist with whom you don't have to explain your identity to work on other life issues.  I also welcome clients who are working to better understand their gender identity or who are embarking on gender transition, for whom this peice of identity is the central part of therapy.


I have experience working with gender variance across all age groups.  With adults, I am available to explore the variety of issues that can arise related to gender, including social isolation, family issues, and discrimination in the community and workplace.  For those seeking gender transition, I provide therapy for hormone treatment, surgical transition, family and couples therapy to prepare for changes in relationships, and exploratory therapy to address anxiety and stressors that may arise during transition.  


I provide a confidential space for young people who are questioning their gender identity as well. I believe that when possible, it is important to incorporate family and community supports, including schools, in the treatment of children and teens who are ready to more openly express their gender variance.  I work carefully with the individual needs of each child/teen and their family to balance the need for privacy and to encourage support and understanding from the people around them.



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